MukaCariza has decided to only march to the beat of her own drum, liberating MukaCariza from the constraints imposed by the fashion industry.

MukaCariza wants to stay pure, enabling her to only connect and collaborate with people who are really inspiring. It is precisely their visible and tangible input that takes MukaCariza to the next level, making MukaCariza a truly aspirational brand where vision, tradition and innovation blend to explore new horizons.

Designing is about looking forward. In order to keep a true connection with her products and to ensure her status of a truly gifted and open-minded brand, MukaCariza has chosen to keep the scale of her organization sane and realistic.

Everybody MukaCariza join forces with, becomes a family-member.
This also implies that everything that is realized with and for MukaCariza, needs to be close by.
Close by in a geographical sense or close by in mentality.

The MukaCariza prints are digitally printed by a specialized studio, not far from MukaCariza’s home base. Digital printing ensures MukaCariza that only the required amount of fabric is printed, reducing waste to a minimum.

MukaCariza bags and accessories are manufactured in the Spanish village of Ubrique. The local craftspeople have a degree of specialization and attention to detail that has become exceptional in times of mass production.

By having her bags and accessories manufactured in Ubrique, MukaCariza has created incentives for local employment, allowing the craftsmen to pass on this extraordinary craftsmanship to the next generation.

MukaCariza offers you sophistication teamed with a sense of family and care for the future.
It is what makes MukaCariza tempting and attractive. The basis for true and lasting luxury.

Enjoy / Kwidagadura