MukaCariza wants to stay pure, for this reason we work with people who are truly inspiring. It is precisely their visible and tangible input that takes MukaCariza to the next level, making MukaCariza a truly aspirational (will to achieve, ambition) brand where vision, tradition and innovation merge to explore new horizons.

Mukakalisa has decided to walk her own path at her own pace.

Designing is looking ahead. In order to maintain a real connection with our products and to ensure the status of an open-minded brand, we produce on a small scale, professionally and with love.

The MukaCariza prints are digitally printed by a specialized studio, not far from our home base. Digital printing ensures that MukaCariza only prints the required amount of fabric, minimizing waste.

In addition, these are our efforts to prevent waste and overproduction:

We produce in small numbers.

We skip seasons.

We work with a pre-order system.

We reuse and process our residual materials into new unique products.

MukaCariza bags and accessories are manufactured in the Spanish village of Ubrique. The local artisans have a degree of specialization and attention to detail that has become exceptional in times of mass production.

By having our bags and accessories made in Ubrique, we help create local employment opportunities, allowing the craftsmen to pass on this extraordinary craftsmanship to the next generation.

MukaCariza offers you sophistication combined with a sense of family and concern for the future. It is what makes MukaCariza seductive and attractive. The basis for real and sustainable luxury.

Enjoy / Kwidagadura