Our standards and values

We constantly wonder how MukaCariza can contribute to a fashion world in which production close to home becomes the norm again. How can we avoid overproduction How can we appreciate the makers for their efforts and talents How can we produce in a more environmentally friendly way, without wasting material and laborn?

We live in a time where we seem to forget where raw materials come from. If you pick cotton or shear a sheep, you don't have a T-shirt or sweater yet. To make this possible, many processing techniques and labor are required. As a society we have to learn to understand and appreciate this again.

We want to prove that everyone, from production to customer, can be happy. Our goal is to tell our story and demonstrate that MukaCariza produces unique, high quality products, while your experience and our customer service are phenomenal every time. The most important thing for it is to prove that you can do all this without someone in the chain not getting their share. We believe it doesn't have to come at the expense of anyone, as fast fashion would have us believe. Join the MukaCariza family, where everyone wins!

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