We provide a guarantee for everything we produce. If you are not satisfied with any of our products at the time of delivery, or if a product is not functioning satisfactorily, please return it to MukaCariza for an exchange or refund.

Environmental Costs – Return Shipment

We want you to be happy with your MukaCariza purchase, so if you are dissatisfied, we offer to help with the return. However we do not support or encourage the habit of making inconsiderate purchases with the intention of returning. We ask you to remember that the return process has an environmental cost on our planet. Please consider that all packaging returned with your order must be recycled or disposed of.

Returned products on receipt must be dry cleaned and/or ironed with chemicals, water and energy. The transport of your return products requires extra unnecessary CO2 emissions.

Good News! MukaCariza has completely switched to 100% biodegradable shipping boxes. Ultimately we would like to eliminate completely the use of plastic in the production and distribution for MukaCariza. We have more to do to achieve this goal, but have made a start.
Our thank you cards and labels are made from 100% recycled card. Every package we ship contains only biodegradable, reusable, recyclable and of course portable contents.